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The motto of Løve Mølle :

Understand the new, respect the old

Løve Millers’ Guild was founded in 1961.

This happened when miller Ole Pedersen passed on the ownership of the mill to the community with the condition that the mill be protected and preserved. Since then, the different boards of the guild have done their best to continue the work that begun way back when…

The Guild :

The board holds 7 members who are elected on the annual General Assembly in March/April.

The election is for 5 years. As a general rule, one of the millers connected to the mill is a member of the board.

The General Assembly is public; everyone who has a guestcard to the mill can attend and vote.

Board meetings are being held during the year when needed, where the running of the mill and other matters are discussed.

The Board of the Millers’ Guild :

President : Ole Hedelund Andersen, Kappelsbjerg 4, 4270 Høng. 2031 9320.

Vice President : Rasmus Pedersen, Bøstrupvej 25, 4270 Høng. 2021 9224.   

Tresurer : Hanne Olsen, Knudstrupvej 13, 4270 Høng. 2339 1781

Secretary & webmaster : Henning Vingborg, Rugvænget 8, 4270 Høng. 2489 8490

Mill Builder : Jørn Nilsson, Krovænget 7, 4270 Høng. 5886 9181 / 5126 2281

Smith : Niels Arne S. Andersen, Lumbyesvej 1, 4200 Slagelse. 4018 9248

Member: Mogens Zadlo, Søgårdsvej 3, 4270 Høng. 4085 2172

No mill without a miller!

The guild had the immense luck to come across Henning Hansen from Ruds Vedby who during the years 1934-
38 was an apprentice as a miller at the Svinninge Mill in Nr. Asmindrup.

Since 1994, Henning had been in charge of teaching new millers apprentices. At first, they were only two, later on the number grew and now there are 8 millers who can work the mill and show the guests around and tell about the technical parts of the mill.

Henning died in 2004.

Friends of the mill

In addition to the guild’s board we are lucky to have many friends of the mill who volunteer and lend a hand with different activities at the mill :

Guides who, during the year and especially during summers’ season,

     take shifts ......to sell tickets etc.

People who help to take care of and clean the area around and inside

     the mill.

People who serve coffee and cake to the mill’s guests

The Tourist Department who supervise the guests’ bookings

People who organize the Christmas markets

   … just to mention a few.

   Without them, we could not go on!

   It gives us all a nice feeling of a solid community and friendship beneath

   our beautiful     landmark : LØVE MØLLE!  

Løve Mølle
Knudstrupvej 6, Løve, 4270 Høng
Mail: olehedelund@mail.dk
Telefon: 2031 9320
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