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          Visit Løve Mølle

Erling's horse carrige. Click on the photo for a larger picture.

We have had many visits by tourist during the years.

A typical trip could be like this :
-    Visit at Løve Mølle
-    Visit to the Museum of Agriculture “Fløjgården” Link.
-    Dinner at Reersø Kro Link.
-    Guided tour in Reersø with a guide, including a visit to the Museum of
    Reersø. Link.
Of course, you can also combine a visit to Løve Mølle with many other visits. Below, a list of possibilities :

-    The Rose Gardener in Løve. Link.
-    The gardens of Birkegården. Link.
-    Kragerup Estate. Link.
-    Trelleborg (Place of the vikings). Link.
-    Fugledegård (Place of the vikings). Link.
-    Åmosen Nature Park. Link.
-    Bakery Museum. Link.
-    American cars in Reersø. Link.
-    Car Museum of Western Sealand. Link.
-    The Lighthouse and the nature in Røsnæs. Link.                                         

Inns where you can have lunch / dinner :

-    Skipperkroen, Mullerup. Link.
-    Bromølle Inn. Link.
-    Reersø Inn. Link.

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